The French National Cancer Institute (INCa) is the preeminent health and science agency in charge of cancer control in France. It reports to the ministries for Health and for Research.

The Institute provides an integrated approach encompassing all cancer-control dimensions (health, scientific, social and economic) and areas of intervention (prevention, screening, care and research) for the benefit of patients and their relatives.

To catalyse progress, the INCa acts as an interface with patients, their friends and families, the healthcare system users, general public, healthcare professionals, researchers, experts and decision-makers.

The INCa missions are :

  • To provide an integrated approach to cancer control;
  • To spur innovation;
  • To produce evidence-based guidelines for decision-makers and professionals;
  • To coordinate regional oncology networks;
  • To analyse data to guide action more effectively;
  • To disseminate knowledge about cancer.

The purposes of Aviesan are to:

  • coordinate the strategic analysis, scientific programming and operational implementation of life and health science research;
  • give a fresh boost to translational research by speeding up the transfer of fundamental knowledge to clinical application;
  • increase cross-disciplinarity by opening biology and medicine up to contributions from mathematics, physics, chemistry, information technology, engineering sciences, human and social sciences;
  • ensure that projects are consistent in thematic and infrastructure terms;
  • carry out clinical, economic and social promotion of knowledge, particularly by facilitating industrial partnerships;
  • define shared standpoints in terms of European research and international cooperation;
  • harmonize and cut down on red tape for laboratories so as to free up the creativity and excellence of teams.

These objectives will be performed within 9 thematic multi-organization institutes (ITMOs) whose primary role will be to chair the strategic debates within their own scientific community.

This symposium is co-organised by ITMO Cancer.